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Texel provides a vast range of services required to perform a full Hebrew and Arabic localization. We modify your software products so that it conforms to the norms of a specific country or locale, including cultural norms and language.

Software Localization

In the right place at the right time

As you know, localization of a software product has its share of complex issues.
Our team has gained valuable experience in software localization of different products, platforms, and product scales to best accommodate your needs at all time.

User interface localization - including string table translation, interface adaptation (mirroring, enabling, resizing), resource compilation and functional testing.

User assistance localization - online help translation and adaptation, help compilation (RTF or HTML based).

Software product testing - proofreading, cross-platform functional testing, BiDi functionality testing.

Software Localization

Documentation and Production

Sending the right message

Our team provides all documentation and production-related services, allowing you to present a consistent and timely product user assistance with all marketing collateral.

  • User manual creation - translation, DTP, production.

  • Marketing collateral - brochures, spec-sheets, posters, training aids.

  • Copywriting - training and marketing documentation, presentations.

  • Copy editing - all written materiel, web content and more.

  • Production services - DTP, pre-print, films, CD production, packages.

Documentation and Production

Website Translation and Localization

Right on spot

Product localization means localization of your web presence as well. A simple translation based on a pre-designed template, might not satisfy the needs of your audience. As a result, you need a complete set of precise services fitted to your target markets.

Content translation and localization
Adjustment of the "look and feel" in terms of "voice", visuals, examples and context references.

Web-design adaptation
Reading order and site mirroring.

Website Translation and Localization


The right foresight

Each localization process provides our team with an in-depth view of the functionality and features of the localized products, adding invaluable experience that may be transferred to tech-support and product users further down the road:

FAQ list compilation, training and support, training material creation, marketing, and pre-sale presentations and demonstrations.



Pointing in the right direction

Our native speaker experts of the target language provide translation in the following fields:

Software, user manuals (software, electronic devices, and appliances), engineering documentation, legal, medical, project management documentation, marketing collateral and more.


Technical Writing

Making it right and simple

We specialize at making various types of technical writing simpler and more accessible to all audiences:

Specs, SOW's, proposals and bids, MIL-STD documentation, user assistance, design documentation, QA plans, and scenarios.

Technical Writing

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