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Texel provides a vast range of services required to perform a full Hebrew and Arabic localization. We modify your software products so that it conforms to the norms of a specific country or locale, including cultural norms and language.


Commercial Vehicles and Trucks, SUVs, Sport & Leisure, Onboard Systems, Driver’s Manual, etc.


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Xbox, Sports, etc.


SW, HW, FW, Mobile, Printing & Imaging Devices, Telecom, Specs, etc.


e-Commerce, Banking, Investments, Stocks and Brokerage, Financial Procedures, etc.


policies, ethics standards, employee trainings, mission statements, GDPR compliance notices, etc.

Mobile devices and Apps

Manuals, Collaterals, UI, Help & Support, Documentation, etc.


Make-up, Skincare Products, Dead-Sea Mineral Creams, Hair Products, etc.


Contracts, Terms of Use, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Notice, etc.

Home appliances

Kitchen Appliances, Vacuum Cleaners, Smart Home Systems, TVs & Home Entertainment Systems, etc.

Life science

Clinical trials, ICF, CRF, Drug Labels, Medical Devices, etc.


Cruise Catalogues, Online Travel Services,Tourist Information, etc.


Organizational Training, Certifications, Online Courses, Onboarding, Customer & Employee Surveys, etc.

Sports and Fashion

Cycling Accessories, Manuals, Sportswear, Fashion Catalogues, Wearable Devices, etc.

Oil and Gas

Safety Procedures, Documentation, etc.

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