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The right approach to local markets​

About us

Texel is a localization firm providing translation and editing services in diverse areas in Hebrew, Arabic and the Baltic languages.

With over 20 years of unparalleled experience, a unique know-how and deep understanding of the local markets, we aim at providing you all the services needed, by strict adherence to time schedules.

Addressing your urgent needs right, left and center

We understand the importance of timely delivery of quality products and services, thus paying significant attention to QA, project management tasks and cost effectiveness.


Our in-house team, highly experienced in localization and all related services, will provide you with a full Hebrew, Arabic and Baltic language localization suite, by taking  into consideration all your unique and urgent needs.

One stop-shop solutions

We offer you a first-class partner for the long run, providing solutions for all localization related activities, combining talented people, professional work and company values like integrity and professionalism.

Our in-house team, as well as a well-balanced and experienced network of freelance translators, allows us to provide localization, translation, linguistic QA, testing, training and other multilingual software localization related services.

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