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Texel Localization Ltd.

Life Science Translation Projects Brochure

General Information About Texel

With headquarters in Hertzlia, Israel, Texel Localization LTD was established in 2000 and specializes in linguistic services. We provide Translation and Localization services to the Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, HP, Adobe, Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Google, to name a few. Texel developed a trusted network of carefully selected freelancers to augment their in-house capabilities. In terms of quality standards, Texel operates in alignment with ISO 9001 protocols and is preparing for an ISO 17100 auditing in August 2023.

Project Volumes

1.0 – 1.2 M words per month / 12-15 M words per year
Life Science: 30% of the total volume


30 in-house employees:
- 7 Project managers

- 15 linguists

- 2 QA experts

Target Languages

- Hebrew

- Arabic (Israel)

- Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian
- Russian (Russia and Israel)


- ISO 17100 (approval pending)

- ISO 9001 (preparation to audit)

Life Science Focus

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